The formula of when to settle down


It’s one of the best yet underestimated TED Talk. Please, please, please… If you haven’t watched it yet, do it right now. When to settle down, how not to divorce, and tips for finding the love… All of them supported by the numbers and researches.

How do you know when is the right time to settle down, given all the people that you can date in your lifetime? Here is the formula:Ekran Resmi 2018-07-19 21.01.51.png

Called: Optimal Stopping Theory. 

In her TED Talk, she explains in detail but I will try to explain roughly: Reject the first 37 percent of your dates. Regard this process as market research. And then, you should pick the next person that comes along that is better than everybody that you’ve seen before. That’s it! But it’s not easy. It has some risks. For example; what if your perfect partner appeared during your first 37 percent? Unfortunately, you’d have to reject them. And you will see that no one else comes along will be better than anyone you’ve seen before you have to go on rejecting everyone and you will probably die alone. Or what if the next person to come along is just “OK” for you but not your perfect match? You will probably have a suboptimal marriage.

Yes, there are risks but there’s no other possible strategy that can do any better. Sorry.

Here is the article:

Another topic I liked most in the talk is about the result of a research on OKCupid. It says that if some people think that you’re attractive, you’re actually better off having some other people think that you’re a massive minger. That’s much better than everybody just thinking that you’re the cute girl. That means people prefer less competition. Therefore, if you have a page on a dating app you don’t need to hide the things you think that are unattractive. Because you will have more chance if you display. It also explains why I always attracted by the ugly men. I don’t like competition.

Don’t want to spoil anymore, here is the charming speech of this charming lady:



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