Is information worthless when shared?

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.” – Aaron Swartz

Every day I come across a lot of articles that I can learn about American millennials. Or I can easily reach the information of why do Americans divorce so easily or why alcohol consumption is decreasing among young people in the UK. And I don’t read this information from a research company or a statistical agency website. They are all written in the lifestyle websites that do not require any subscription. For example, I can easily find out the change in the percentage of vegans in America year over year. However, when I would like to learn the data from Turkey I only come across a name called Turkey Vegan and Vegetarian Society which is responsible for sharing the research results about veganism in Turkey.

But I’m sure someone knows this information already. In fact, this issue most probably has already been a subject in a sector magazine that has been sold for 40TL and for only 50 people. So if we didn’t read the subject in this magazine then, that means we cannot find that information somewhere. So wait, let the association publish the research results.

Of course, research is something very expensive. Still, can’t the information be opened to everyone after use? Or maybe the ones who sell their articles to magazines can publish their articles on their own blog? I still don’t understand the idea of why information is regarded as worthless when shared.

So I told myself to take a break from America and write down the information/research that was written in these expensive magazines.

When I was full of these thoughts a documentary recalled itself: The Internet’s Own Boy, telling the life of a boy (Aaron Swartz) who is obsessed with the fact that scientific articles should be free.

It’s a very good documentary to watch this weekend:

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