Do you really love working?

To all white collar millennials; just think about it, have you ever said to yourself “Thank God It’s Monday”. If you say no then you’re a traitor to your generation.

This article argues that young generation is pretending to love work with some artificial mottos such as “don’t stop when you’re tired stop when you’re done” or the newly established working environments that are created for people to work more.

No one opposes it, on the contrary, they add fuel to the fire. Elon Musk tweeted “but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week”. How many hours are needed? I don’t know.

This hustle culture is convenient for those at the top honestly. In an era where people are a little hungry for meaning, working per se fills this gap. So it’s not just desirable but it’s inherently good.

Aidan Harper, who created a European workweek-shrinkage campaign called 4 Day Week, argues that this is dehumanizing and toxic. “It creates the assumption that the only value we have as human beings is our productivity capability — our ability to work, rather than our humanity,” he told.

A consultant for a tech company said: “If your peers are competitive, working a ‘normal workweek’ will make you look like a slacker” That so true.

And this also reminds us of an essay from BuzzFeed addressing the burnout millennials.  If Millennials are supposedly lazy and entitled, how can they also be obsessed with killing it at their jobs? Millennials, Ms. Petersen argues, are just desperately striving to meet their own high expectations. An entire generation was raised to expect that good grades and extracurricular overachievement would reward them with fulfilling jobs that feed their passions. Instead, they wound up with precarious, meaningless work and a mountain of student loan debt.

And so posing as a rise-and-grinder, lusty for Monday mornings, starts to make sense as a defense mechanism.


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