Gen Z will save us all – from office life

As people don’t seem like to stop calling Gen Z lazy and entitled, I wonder could they be among the first to understand the proper role of work in life?

In this article, Gen Z’s attitudes and behaviors regarding work life are examined.

The Millennials and Gen Z are not jumping up titles. They seek to work in a better work environment. “They’re like silent fighters, rewriting policy under the nose of the boomers.”

So far, I have shared a lot of research on this blog about remote working does not affect the performance at work. It’s a pity that there are companies that still do not understand the importance of remote and felxible working.

A survey by PwC, an accounting and consulting firm, found that for millennials, work is a thing, not a place. Also, you don’t need to be in the office 9 to 5 to be effective. here is no need to be 9-6. If they see you’re doing the work and doing it well, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it at 10 p.m. or 10 a.m.”

“When younger workers talk about balance, what they are saying is, ‘I will work hard for you, but I also need a life,’” said Cali Williams Yost, the chief executive and founder of Flex Strategy Group, which helps organizations build flexible work cultures. “Unfortunately, what leaders hear is, ‘I want to work less.’”

When Pew Research Center asked which work arrangement would be most helpful to people, young people were more likely than older people to say the flexibility to choose when they worked.

But more young people, recruiters say, are asking for flexibility upfront, and some prioritize it over pay or seniority. Recruiters who visit college campuses say new graduates no longer see it as something to negotiate for, said Marcee Harris Schwartz, the national director of diversity and inclusion at BDO, the accounting firm: “It’s just assumed it’s part of the deal.”

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