About me

I was depressed for a long time.

I had reasons: I didn’t know exactly what to do with my life, I didn’t feel the fulfillment and I started questioning the things I enjoyed. I didn’t know exactly what makes me feel happy.

Then I explored one thing about myself: I enjoy sharing everything I know with other people. When I combined this discovery with my enthusiasm for writing and reading I found what I love specifically: Sharing every interesting information I found on the internet with other people by summarizing them.

Although I’m a humble person I couldn’t help myself saying that I read, watch, listen a lot since I have no life. And I usually forget them afterward. Everything I learn disappears immediately.

But… So many things are going on in the world. So it sounds so tempting to me to record them all as soon as I learn them. I write in Turkish and English. (just to improve my broken English)

Now, this blog is my only excitement in my life.

Stop by, read and share. If you see something interesting just let me know.

Here’s the Instagram account:  @crumbsalongtheroad

The name of this blog

I know it’s such a complicated and long name. But I insisted on it. Because I always consider the things I learned as crumbles. They show me the way when I lost, lead me and helps me to go back if I want. So these little articles are the crumbles along my road as in the fairytale. They remind me of the things I’ve learned and they guide me.

Now, the website looks a little bit amateur but I try so hard to learn to fix everything.

Hope it goes well.