Is information worthless when shared?

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.” – Aaron Swartz Every day I come across a lot of articles that I can learn about American millennials. Or I can easily reach the information of why do Americans divorce so easily or why alcohol consumption is decreasing among young people in the UK. And I don’t read this information from a research company or a statistical agency website. They are all written in the lifestyle websites that do not require any subscription. For example, I can easily find out the change in the percentage … Okumaya devam et Is information worthless when shared?

How to stay married according to a divorce lawyer

If you want to know why marriages break apart, and what it looks like when they do, talk to a divorce lawyer. Better yet, read a book(If You’re in My Office, It’s Already Too Late)by a divorce lawyer about why people divorce or read the interview of the author. I like this interview and would like to share some points that I like most: -It seems that divorces happen to be due to big reasons like infidelity or financial improprieties. But these big reasons have their origins in a succession of smaller choices that people make that take them further and … Okumaya devam et How to stay married according to a divorce lawyer

Why men don’t like funny women?

Here again with a great article. The article examines why people tend to appreciate men’s humor so much more than women’s. A professor in the University of California was teaching her regular undergraduate class a subject injecting a sarcastic comment about her own upbringing to lighten the mood. When she collected her professor evaluations at the end of the year, she was startled by one comment in particular: “She’s not funny,” the student wrote. Then she redirects her anger into something productive and makes some studies about “sense of humor” subject particularly. The article explains all the studies but I only share the … Okumaya devam et Why men don’t like funny women?

A tissue issue

I know this is not the greatest piece of information but still, it’s worth to share. According to Euromonitor International, global spending on paper towels for use at home (but not in office or public bathrooms) added up to about $12 billion in 2017, and Americans accounted for about $5.7 billion of that total. In other words, the U.S. spends nearly as much on paper towels as every other country in the world combined. Also, the average spent on paper towels is $17.50 which is much more than other countries. We don’t know the exact reason for this huge consume but … Okumaya devam et A tissue issue

Baking is all we need

The author realized something: A recipe for salted chocolate-chunk shortbread cookies spread through her social circle. And one of her friends eventually made them and brought them to a dinner party. For months every time she showed up to a party, someone else was pulling a Tupperware container out of a tote bag full of “The Cookies.” The chef of the cookies is well aware of this interest and she says “It seemed to be a lot of first-time bakers making the cookies like it was a fun, social art project.” What is the point of baking cookies when there is so … Okumaya devam et Baking is all we need

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is dead

  Here’s one of the headlines of last week’s news: “The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Is Dead.” Really? Does the world come to an end? The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on December 2 garnered its lowest ratings ever. It attracted only 3.3m viewers which marks a significant drop from last year when the show boasted 5m viewers. According to figures published by Nielsen, the show’s ratings have been dropping continuously since 2013. What’s happening? Is the show really dead? Of course, there are many factors that could contribute to these failing numbers. For starters, the show switched networks from CBS to ABC and it … Okumaya devam et The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is dead

The over-celebration of life events

I know it’s hard to believe but a gender-reveal party caused a fire in Arizona. Maybe you’ve heard: things like divorces, job departures, pets’ birthdays and asking someone to prom are also celebrated in addition to traditional celebrations like weddings and births Well, where does this trend go? What is the reason of the events that were previously celebrated privately are now celebrated publicly? New York City University communication professor says the most important reason is social media. “not only offer ideas but market products to achieve the ideal image of the celebration,” Gieseler writes. On the one hand, the publicizing … Okumaya devam et The over-celebration of life events